Contacting Dacross Services

Pet Owners :
Please note that we cannot correspond directly with you until you have been referred to us
by your normal veterinary practice and one of our clinicians has examined your pet.

Veterinary Surgeons :
You may contact us using one of the following email addresses or via the practices listed here or in Vet Index.
We will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible. To minimise delays, please direct enquiries appropriately.

Referrals + Radiology

E-mail : referrals (at)

Nonclinical Enquiries

E-mail : services (at)
E-mail : supplies (at)
E-mail :       cpd (at) 

  1. Dogwood Vets: Specialist Veterinary Services** (     Find on Google maps
      Dogwood Vets
    • Dogwood Vets
      9 Lawson Grove
      M33 6JN
      Telephone : (UK) 0161 962 8851
      Facsimilie : (UK) 0161 962 5541

  2. Camlas Pet Vets ‡ ‡ (
      Camlas Petcare Vets, Wales
    • Waterloo Place
      Salop Road
      SY21 7HE
      Telephone : (UK) 01938 559088
      Facsimilie : (UK) 01938 555460

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